Various Tactics to use Pinterest for Businesses

Pinterest makes an interesting platform to advertise your business; however, there are certain tips and tactics that you need to consider to boost the growth of your business on the ever-so-famous social network site. Learn the following tactics to use Pinterest for businesses and generate optimal outcomes:

Integrate a save button to your profile

Adding a save button to your profile is an excellent way to measure the percentage of user activity and engagement on your posts. It allows your prospective audience to save your posts to their boards, which implies that they might learn about your business in the long run.

Most pinners are likely to save visual content on the spot if it stands out to them. You will instantly receive a notification on a user that has recently liked your post. Therefore, you can take it as an opportunity to connect with your audience and learn more about their behavioural and demographic segment to increase the feasibility of your Pinterest ad campaign.

Invest in appealing visuals

While Pinterest may claim to be an all-holistic social networking site, it is fundamentally based on using appealing visuals and visual content to resonate with its audience. You are required to add images, add a description, choose an ad format, optimize, and you are good to go. However, before you focus on the intermediary characteristics of Pinterest, you should learn about its significance as a visual medium.

You can post images relevant to your business, but, there is always a high risk for copyright infringement; therefore, we would emphasise you to create and upload original images. Work with a visual content creator to help you prepare an outline for your brand’s visual content as well as hire a photographer to capture professional photos of your brand.

If you think that, you can capture images from your mobile and get away with it—you are wrong! Nobody wants to see run-of-the-mill pictures to convince them to become a part of your customer’s base. Instead, your audience would appreciate if you post high-quality content to win their attention then, they might consider learning more about your business.

Creativity and originality are two defining factors of Pinterest; therefore, you should come up with creative ways to promote your brand visually. Using copied images wouldn’t suffice, and it wouldn’t do to promote your brand image to your audience. Canva is an excellent platform that allows you to create visually appealing content for your Pinterest board.

If your products require a demonstration then, you can create a visual guide on how to use your product, and it would increase your brand’s sales for sure. According to Pinterest, how-to illustrations are responsible for driving up to 67% offline sales for a business.

Also, make sure that your visual content is designed to be mobile-friendly. Most brands make the mistake of creating visual content for desktop versions, which are later made inaccessible to mobile users. Let’s say that nearly 80% of the Pinterest users are likely to access the network using a mobile device, so make sure that your visual content is optimized for a small screen.

When choosing between horizontal or vertical images, you should opt for the latter option, as it looks visually appealing on a profile. The suggested image ratio for a vertical image should range between 1:2:8 and 2:3, which roughly translates to 600 x 900 pixels or more. However, if the size of your image exceeds more than 1560 pixels, it will be rejected instantly.

Pay importance to choosing persuasive and convincing words

Most businesses join Pinterest to benefit from its visual and aesthetic value; however, they often neglect adding a description or, even a title to their posts. Posting a visually attractive image won’t garner you much attention if it doesn’t guide a user on the inspiration behind the image.

Think of Pinterest more than a visual medium. If you are expecting to create brand awareness and engagement solely based on attractive content—you are giving nothing informative to your audience.

Utilize the description bar of the pin to inform a clicker on the benefits of clicking on a specific link. Make sure to add optimized keywords and hashtags to the description for improving its search results.

Furthermore, make sure that you steer clear from overstuffing the description with filler words, as it may lower the engagement rate on your post—which is something that you wouldn’t want at all costs.

Believe it or not, but, most people are inclined to read description to learn to increase their expectations regarding a post or linked article. The lack of a description may indicate that there is nothing tantalizing on the linked article that may convince to become a part of your customer’s base. So, be creative and careful with your choice of words.

Use rich pins frequently

While Pinterest is an excellent approach to earn brand awareness and brand exposure, it could be tricky to understand sometimes. However, if you are ready to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level, you can utilize Rich Pins on appropriate occasions to increase the reach of your business.

Rich Pins are an advanced successor to regular Pins, and they use metadata from your business website to inform your audience on the presence of your site. Majorities of the Pinterest businesses swear by this feature, and they believe that it has helped them with garnering suitable outcomes via this distinctive social networking site.

Rich Pins are used for increasing the marketability of products, apps, and liked articles, and it is a proven way to generate referral traffic for your business. For instance, if you are utilizing Rich Pins to promote an informative article on Pinterest, you can add headline, name of the author, publication date of the article, and a brief story description to emphasise the marketability factor of the pin. Utilize a CTA button to convince your reader to open a link to learn more about the article.

As another example, if you are posting a compilation of tea sandwich recipes then, you can add images of the tea sandwiches and link an article to the recipes via utilizing Rich Pins.


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Published on: Jun 01, 2020

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