Useful Tips and Examples for Pinterest

Pinterest is an interesting and creative way to market and advertise your brand online. Similar to any other social media or social networking site, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with the tips and examples to maximize the advertising options offered by the platform. Understanding Pinterest doesn’t come easily; therefore, you should work with a social media strategist that is familiar with using the platform to help you achieve your brand’s objectives and goals.

We have compiled a list of tips that are proven to increase the marketability and reach of your brand on Pinterest. Let’s have a look at these tips to understand their significance in enabling the growth of your business:

1. Create visually appealing content

Majority of Pinterest’s audience is a sucker for visual content, and if your content stands out to them, there is a high chance that they might be intrigued to learn more about your business.

Using low-quality images wouldn’t do any good for your business, so make sure that you upload highdimension and high-quality photo pins and video pins to your feed. Also, 80% of the Pinterest users are

likely to access pins via their smartphones; so you should make sure that the quality of your content doesn’t depreciate when viewed from a mobile phone.

2. Add a catchy description and title to your pins

Pinners usually expect something like a follow-up to your pins; so you should take it as a chance to add a creative and catchy title and description to your pin. Unlike other social media outlets, Pinterest doesn’t allow you to add more than 30-60 characters to describe the characteristics of your product/content. Therefore, you should utilize this limited character limit to stand out to your audience.

Make sure to add your brand name and an optimized keyword to the hook to improve the search ranking on your pin. It has been proven that Pins that feature a brand name are likely to generate two times more brand awareness.

Adding a more detailed description of your product never goes unnoticed, and it compels the pinners to wait for more content from your profile. Lastly, make sure to include a referral link/backlink to your pin to generate more brand awareness and exposure.

3. Utilize lifestyle themes

Pinterest strives on lifestyle and other aesthetically pleasing themes. For instances, if you are selling furniture or handmade craft to your audience, you should experiment with lifestyle themes to make your brand stand out to your followers.

4. Tell a story via your pins

Posting visual content could get redundant and boring after some time; therefore, you should add variety to your feed by adding infographics or graphs. These content formats are proven to convey a story to an audience, which makes it a preferable option.

A comprehensive study on 29 Promoted Video Campaigns revealed that emphasising storytelling on Pinterest is an effective approach to improve visibility on the platform. Videos that feature a storyline are likely to be viewed up to 29 per cent more than videos with no storyline. Brands emphasise on storytelling to resonate with their audience on an emotional and interpersonal level.

5. Post-how-to content

Consumers are often looking for instructional and how-to posts to help them understand the features of the product even more effectively. Make sure that you are posting infographics or visual guides on your Pinterest feed to improve the visibility of your products online.


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Published on: Jun 01, 2020

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