Understanding the Algorithm of LinkedIn

Understanding the algorithm of LinkedIn is crucial for you to optimize your LinkedIn profile online. Most businesses create and optimize profiles; however, not knowing the algorithm could seriously influence the ranking of your page. In this short section, we will help you familiarize yourself with the algorithm of LinkedIn, and its involvement in boosting the ranking of your page.

If you are worried that your company profile isn’t appearing on LinkedIn newsfeed then, it may be correlated with the algorithm of LinkedIn or, the lack of organic content on your profile. Similar to major social media and networking platforms, the algorithm of LinkedIn is likely to prioritize the content that is relevant or has higher engagement rates.

Speaking from a general point of view, the content is displayed on LinkedIn’s newsfeed depending on the relevance and reputation of your account. Let’s have a look at how it works:

If you were to post something on your profile, the feed algorithm of LinkedIn is calibrated to determine its quality or, its authenticity. If your post doesn’t meet the criteria, it might be marked as spam, which is something that you wouldn’t want for your company profile.

If you are able to publish your post then, it would appear temporarily on the newsfeed. During this temporary time, the algorithm monitors the engagement on your post. If it is below the criteria, then, it will be removed. However, if your audience is engaging on your content, then, your post will remain on the newsfeed for some time.

Improving the visibility of your posts on LinkedIn’s Newsfeed:

As mentioned previously, the engagement and relevance of your post will determine whether your post stays or leaves from the newsfeed; however, as long as your post is receiving engagement and clicks, it will remain on the newsfeed. Over the years, the LinkedIn algorithm has been subjected to a number of changes, and it requires a post to garner a significant percentage of engagement to ensure that it is visible to the audience. You can follow the given three tips to boost your profile’s visibility and relevance on LinkedIn feed:

Most people make the blunder of not optimizing their posts—then, they wonder why their posts aren’t receiving any engagement from their prospective audience. Hire a team of experts to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized on time, and they should remove the factors that could potentially lower the optimization/reach of your LinkedIn profile. Follow the given rules to make sure that your profile is optimized correctly:

Professionals certainly catch up on a professional and formal tone; therefore, if you are directing your profile to professionals or, your industrial peers then, make sure to use a formal tone. Or, you can make your posts sound engaging and interesting, and it would garner similar outcomes.

Nearly 60% of the LinkedIn users use their mobile phones to browse the company’s profiles, so make sure that your posts/profiles are mobile-friendly to boost your engagement online.

Don’t stick to written/text content to direct your audience; instead, you can make the best use out of images, videos, and links to diversify your content to optimize it.

Learn about the interests/preferences of your audience

The point of LinkedIn’s algorithm is based on the content that it wants to show on its newsfeed. For starter, the professional networking site requires you to address your audience to make your posts more approachable and visible on its newsfeed. You can follow the given tips to your advantage:

You are on LinkedIn for a reason, and if you are noticing an engagement on your posts—you should use the gain and insights to your leverage to grow your network. Connect to people that want to explore their professional systems and provide them tips on making it big in the industry.

Make sure that you follow your industrial peers online, and don’t forget to include links to your social media platform. The more you are invested in growing your LinkedIn profile, the better outcomes you would garner in the long run.

How to make LinkedIn’s algorithm work for you?

It is no wonder that LinkedIn’s algorithm has been subjected to irrational changes and policies; and no matter how much you are invested in growing your profile, the algorithm may push back your professional growth. Again, it is about gaining the right volume of relevance on your post and make sure that your posts are sharable and approachable by a general audience as well as a professional audience.

You should share content and articles that connect with your followers. Start with optimizing your posts, and make sure that you are regularly monitoring your analytics. Engage with your followers and encourage them to show the engagement on your posts, and you will grow on LinkedIn within no time.


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2. Setting up your LinkedIn Company Profile

3. Understanding the Algorithm of LinkedIn

4. How Should You Advertise On Your LinkedIn Business Profile?

5. Analyzing metrics on your LinkedIn Business Profile

6. Role of LinkedIn in Improving the Marketability of your Business

7. Conclusion

Published on: Jun 01, 2020

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