Putting your Business on Facebook – How to Create a Presence Facebook

Marketing on Facebook is great and all but, not complying with the algorithm of Facebook could diminish your brand’s visibility on the social media platform. If you are utilizing Facebook as a means to promote your brand, you should pursue the proven ways to create a definitive presence on Facebook.

For starters, you should make sure that your business page on Facebook is optimized and updated regularly. Complying with the optimization rules ensures that your brand is marketable and available on Facebook, which may boost your chances to reach your audience within no time. However, if you don’t pay attention to optimizing your business page, it may lose its ranking and visibility online—which isn’t a good sign.

Most people consider promoting their businesses through their personal Facebook accounts, which is indeed one of the worst ways to market your business online. Facebook for businesses exist for a reason, and it is integrated with advanced features to put your business’ name on Facebook—to your niche audience. Here are few of the effective ways to put or enhance your presence on the social media channel:

Add a profile photo

Facebook has upgraded significantly over the years, and it has incorporated a variety of features to boost the marketability and presence of businesses online. Before the introduction of such innovative features, most business owners would simply choose a random photo as their profile picture but, a spontaneous random display photo wouldn’t be appreciated by savvy and smart customers of today.

Signifying a profile photo helps with boosting the visibility and presence of your business. Posting images of your products or brand logo isn’t a professional approach to promote your business, but it does the job. However, if you are perfectionist then, you can hire a professional graphic designer to create a custom profile photo for your FB business page.

Ask yourself—would you ever compromise on your brand’s logo? The answer is obviously no. Refrain from choosing your image as your profile image, as it may not exude a professional impression to your audience. Furthermore, make sure the size of the photo is 180 x 180 pixels or more to add a high-quality image to the display picture slot.

Add a cover photo

Having an attractive profile image is a good start to create a brand presence for your business. Most businesses skip on adding a cover photo to their profile, which may make their profiles look incomplete and empty. The process of choosing a cover photo is similar to choosing and adding a profile image but with larger dimensions and pixels. We would recommend you choosing a cover photo with 828 x 315 pixels or more to impress your visitors!

Furthermore, you can choose a motion (moving) cover photo for your business profile. It can act as a pleasant way to welcome the visitor to your page. You can add custom sounds and graphics to make your cover photo even more appealing.

Call-to-action button/text

Call-to-action is a crucial part of online marketing, and if you don’t have a CTA on your FB business page and business website, it could be a loss for your business. Having a CTA on your profile, preferably underneath your cover page, persuades your audience to make a purchase from your business or, even like your page—hence increasing your revenue and visibility simultaneously.

Add a description

Facebook’s business profiles feature an “about” section, where businesses can add information about their businesses, brands, products, and services. Utilize this feature to your advantage, and describe your business in 155 characters to win the attention of your visitors.


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Published on: Jun 01, 2020

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