Importance of Facebook Messenger for Businesses

In this brief section, we will explore the role of the Facebook messenger in improving the growth and success of online businesses. Facebook messenger is an integral component of Facebook marketing, and businesses should be familiar with utilizing the features of Facebook messenger to interact and engage with their audience.

It has been reported that nearly 800 million users are likely to use Messenger on a regular basis. The pioneering instant messaging service is not only available to FB users but, anyone with a phone number can get started with using FB messenger to communicate with their friends or businesses page.

Communication is the key to build relationships with your customers; however, most businesses aren’t able to respond to queries on their FB profile. Instead, they can encourage their audience to use Messenger to initiate a conversation with them. Most businesses have the option to leave an automated response for their audience, so a user wouldn’t be discouraged if it doesn’t receive an instant message from the business.

Similarly, brands can advertise their products directly via instant messaging. You can simply leave a link to your product in Messenger, and an interested customer will continue with the purchase within no time. Messenger is an excellent way to improve the profitability and revenue of an online business, so if you are using Facebook for marketing your business, you shouldn’t hesitate to use Messenger to expand your options.

Most customers complain about a lack of proper communication from a business, and the use of Messenger can help businesses with overcoming this gap. During its initial page, Messenger only allowed users/business owners to reply directly to others now. Now, page owners can send a direct message to anyone that has commented on their posts. Another perk of using Messenger for businesses is that they cannot access the email addresses of their users, which eliminates the chances of sending spam emails to their audience.

Long story short, Messenger is an influential marketing tool, and not using it properly could prove detrimental to your business’ revenue. Remember that your audience is counting on your communication, so if you fail to establish a conversation with them, they might not be interested in your brand at all.

Recent statistics show that nearly 89% of Facebook users are likely to check their app at least 14 times a day. If businesses are able to use the features of Messenger and Facebook accurately then, they would thrive within no time. It allow businesses to build interpersonal relationships with their audience, and discover the new ways to appease their target audience.

Business Tips & Strategies to Follow on Facebook Messenger

Connect Messenger to your FB business profile, and you are ready to go! Let’s have a look at the common tips and strategies to maximize your business’ growth via FB Messenger:

1. Use messenger codes

Messenger codes are an innovative way to connect your users to your business. They are simply required to scan a simple graphic code, and it will instantly connect them to your Messenger page. Most businesses aren’t aware of this fact, but your business’ profile picture features the messenger code for your business. The code shares similarity with the Morse code that you can copy and paste to share it with your audience and social media team.

2. Use the send message button for promoting local awareness

Majorities of the people aren’t familiar with this interesting fact, but Facebook allows businesses to create local awareness ads to promote the growth of their business. As mentioned previously, businesses often struggling with identifying their target audience online, and most naïve businesses end up promoting their marketing efforts to an incompetent group of people.

Nonetheless, the local awareness ads allow you to direct your marketing efforts to the people within a specific geographic location or, they can utilize this feature to instruct their customers to visit their offline locations. Furthermore, integrating the CTA button to a local awareness advertisement helps with convincing your potential audience to learn more about your offerings.

3. Offer customer care

Not everyone is going to be pleased with your services and offerings; therefore, you should make it easy for your audience to reach out to you to express their concerns to you. While they may send a complaint to your email address, most businesses do not bother replying to their emails, which isn’t a good look for their brand’s reputation. There are two ways to offer customer care to your audience:

• Respond to their public messages privately

If you are selling a product to your audience, they might be inclined to ask for the price and specifications of the product in the comment section instead of sending you a private message. Responding to these comments in a public setting is not advisable for a business, as it may include personal information of the user, as well as it makes your business look unprofessional.

Instead, you can utilize the advance features of FB to reply to the comments directly. You are no longer obliged to open the commenter’s profile, look for messenger option to send them a message. Instead, you can click on “send a message on Messenger” to connect with your audience and sell your product to them directly.

• Offer customer service via Messenger

Most regular internet users do not care to remember their email address/passwords, so they cannot direct a company via FB Messenger. If you are considering marketing through Facebook, you should make sure that your campaign comprises of Messenger services to help your audience connect with you.

They can simply direct message you on Messenger to express their queries and concerns, and you can respond to their queries via Messenger. If they leave complaints in the review section of your page, you can direct message them to provide assistance to them.

4. Use Chatbots to offer services

Chatbots is one of the newest introductions to FB Messenger, and it is a proven way to increase your sales and revenue. You can simply automate its features to enable product recommendations to customer service, and it would certainly please your audience.


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Published on: Jun 01, 2020

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