How to Get Started with Facebook Marketing Online

Facebook for promoting your business has set a record, and many pioneering business people swear by the outcomes generated by using Facebook. Most people simply rely on the basic features of Facebook—which may deprive them from the opportunity of using the best Facebook marketing tools to their advantage to nurture the growth of their business. Let’s have a look at how to get started with Facebook marketing online:

Set goals for Facebook

If you are serious about enriching the expansion of your audience via Facebook, you cannot expect to gain favorable outcomes by hit-and-trial methods. Instead, you should set definite goals for your Facebook marketing strategy to deliver constructive outcomes. Create and follow a roadmap that would allow you to measure the feasibility of your Facebook, and eventually help you with reaching your target sales.

For starters, conduct comprehensive research on your prospects and objectives before diving into the expansive world of Facebook marketing. Ask yourself what do you expect from Facebook marketing—are you here to familiarize your audience with your offerings or, are you here to build an audience to sell your products to.

As per the 2018 Sprout Social Index, it was revealed that Facebook marketers had the following goals in mind:

Not having a particular goal set in mind isn’t profitable for your Facebook marketing campaign; therefore, you should collaborate with a social media manager to develop SMART Facebook marketing goals for your business.

Nonetheless, you can experiment with certain surveys and factors to determine your Facebook goals. However, if your business is adamant about following a set of pre-developed goals, then you should determine the ways that would help you with moving further with your campaigning needs.

What to consider when developing your Facebook marketing goals?

We have compiled a list of common goals to help you shortlist the objectives for your Facebook marketing campaign. Let’s have a look at them:

Direct your marketing efforts to a niche of buyers (FB users) that would be interested in purchasing your products/services. Most marketers make the blunder of targeting a random group of people, and you will never know whether the targeted group qualifies to be your target audience. Preparing a well-planning marketing strategy in advance will enable you to reach your audience effectively. Then, you can sell your products directly to them to meet sales targets.

Facebook is a pioneer in social recruiting that helps businesses attracting talent to their firm. The scope of social recruiting has increased over the years, and several entrepreneurs are posting job and internship opportunities on their Facebook pages to hire employees for their firms. It is not only beneficial for a business but, it also presents an array of job opportunities to job hunters, and it gives them the option to look for jobs that cater to their talent the best.

Several tools are dedicated to helping you track the progress of your sales and revenue generation online, and if you are able to maximize on the gathered progress, your business online will blossom within no time. We will reflect on the importance of tracking progress and metrics in the latter section of the guide.

 Learn about your audience on Facebook

Facebook is proven to be an extraordinary marketing tool for majorities of the business, and if you follow our step-by-step guide on mastering the art of Facebook marketing, you will find the ultimate success on Facebook within no time.

It’s no surprise that Facebook entertains up to 2 billion active users on a regular basis—which is a lot. If you are opting for Facebook marketing, you cannot simply make random guesses on who to sell your products and services but, you should be familiar with your audience to sell your products to.

Most Facebook marketers neglect the importance of learning about their Facebook audience, which has great potential to discourage their online marketing attempts. Nonetheless, understanding your audience and learning about their preferences would go a long way. It helps you with developing marketing strategies that are specific to your audience to help you churn out profitable outcomes.

Learning about your audience starts with learning about social media demographics in-depth. It serves as a benchmark for Facebook marketers to help them narrow down their online marketing strategies, as well as it helps them determine the preferences of their audience’s demographics. Once you have selected a focus-group for your Facebook marketing efforts, it will make things a lot easier for you.

On the contrary, not knowing about the preferences of your audience or not knowing your audience will result you in making blunt and aimless choices, and it wouldn’t take your Facebook marketing campaign anywhere.

Interact and engage with your audience frequently

Congratulations on identifying your target audience! However, pinpointing your target audience is just the tip of the iceberg, and you still have a lot way ahead of you to master the fundamentals of Facebook marketing. At the initial phase of your marketing campaign, you are required to interact and engage with your audience proactively to churn considerable outcomes.

While majorities of the social media platforms differ at some point—they all share a common ground and that it is to communicate with your audience. As a brand, you should focus on the significance of ‘network’ in social media networks to understand the importance of connecting with your audience.

Remember that your audience is a crucial part of your business; therefore, you should utilize the key features of Facebook to engage proactively with them. You can connect with your audience by encouraging them to share and like your content, comment on your posts, send you a DM (Direct Message), and even tag your brand on their received products to spark engagement.

Present yourself as a community to your followers, and participate in conversations with your audience that would help you with determining the direction of your brand. It’s no wonder that businesses on Twitter are praised for their interaction, so if you are using Facebook, you can utilize many of its features to connect with your customers.

Hire a social media manager to help convey your perspective to your customers. The following suggestions reflect on the various ways to increase conversations with your potential customers:

Be selective with posting content on Facebook

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, are guaranteed to generate organic results if you are doing everything right. However, if you were to post or engage with your audience arbitrarily, it wouldn’t garner many favorable outcomes.

Facebook’s algorithm has evolved relatively over the years, so businesses need to be careful when choosing the best time to post on their business page. Most social media experts suggest you comply with the following peak time to win the attention of your audience right away:

Promoting your product to your niche audience could be tiresome work but, if you are willing to go beyond a mile, you can buy sponsored ads. Sponsored ads will be displayed to the audience looking for products similar to your offerings, and it should push your post and business name to them. Additionally, each time a user clicks on your sponsored ads, you will get paid in return, which sounds interesting!

 Scheduling your Facebook posts

As mentioned previously, if you are expecting to generate profitable outcomes from your social media marketing campaign, then you should be familiar with the right time to post your content. Your audience will simply dismiss your posts if you post it at the wrong time, and it wouldn’t earn you any engagement on your posts.

It is no surprise to anyone that Facebook hosts several content creation options that range from statuses, images, videos, GIFs, stories, group posts, and much more. So, if you are willing to take your Facebook marketing effort to the next level, it is time for you to learn about scheduling your posts to win the attention of your audience immediately.

Not everyone is interested in reading long posts on Facebook—so, you should find a substitute for your content and express it in an alternative way. For instance, if you are advocating for employees’ rights or Labor Day rights on your Facebook page then, you should compile the information in an image or infographics, and it would help a layman understand the concept behind your post.

Similarly, if you are all set to launch a new product to the market, you will feel the urge to promote the product by dedicating a written post to it. However, most people aren’t inclined to reading posts on a business page, and they would rather be informed on the launch of the product in a more creative and productive way.

Facebook offers a myriad of marketing techniques to help businesses achieve a profitable ROI, so you should breakdown the techniques that work the best for your brand. Don’t be hesitant to conduct marketing research (primary and secondary) to analyze the type of posts that your audience would like to see on your page. According to a study, nearly 30% of the audience asks for a link to informative content, and 18% of the Facebook users demand infographics and images to assimilate information. Also, nearly 17% of the audience asked for video content to be informed on a product launch.

Facebook allows you to schedule your posts according to a specific time and date. If you are inspired to post something on your business page but, you believe that you could be posting during the plunge hours then, you can create a post, set date, and time, and it will be posted according to your posting preferences.

Analyze your results and progress

As mentioned previously, tracking the progress of your Facebook marketing campaign is crucial to your business. Not tracking or analyzing your metrics may deprive you of lucrative opportunities, which is a huge no-no.

Hire an expert to monitor and analyze your Facebook business data. The outcomes of the assessment will help you determine your ROI in the online marketing campaign. It further sets precedence for your next Facebook marketing campaigns, as well as allows you to improve the marketability of your Facebook campaign.

Once you have gathered the insights on your business, you can coordinate and arrange the core metrics on a spreadsheet. Categorize the information wisely, and look for the following determinants to further your progress report.

For starters, you should keep an eye on page impressions, fan growth, engagement rates, and other insights to prepare reports for your campaigning efforts. Remember that it is a crucial part of Facebook marketing, so you shouldn’t miss it at all costs. Additionally, the outcomes of the assessment allow you to determine your progress against your competitors.


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Published on: Jun 01, 2020

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