How to Advertise on Facebook

Many businesses have accredited Facebook for improving their brand awareness and brand exposure simultaneously. However, any Facebook marketing campaign is rather partial without learning your advertisement options on the platform.

Most naïve businesses tend to skip on pursuing advertising options on Facebook, and it never earns them a profitable ROI on their social media marketing campaign. Therefore, they should pay attention to the importance of advertising on Facebook to increase the reach of their business. Learn micro-targeting with Facebook’s advertising options to expand the reach of your brand.

While you will find plenty of options on Facebook advertising platform, it’s important to recognize the advertising factors that are specific to your business. Advertisement options aren’t a “one-size-fits-all” thing, so you should learn about advertising on Facebook comprehensively to enable the growth of your business. Invest in suitable advertisement options to market your efforts to your potential audience.

We have compiled a list of various Facebook ad types and targeting options that are proven to improve the marketability of your business on an online platform. Read the ad types carefully to explore the ways to escalate the growth and awareness of your business.

Various Types of Facebook Advertisement

Are you looking for Facebook advertisement types to propel the growth of your business? We have got you covered!

Image ads

Image ads make a popular option to advertise a business on the social media platform. It is a starter option for small businesses, and it is proven to make your audience familiar with your brand. Image ads are immensely easy to make and optimize, and you can add an optimized caption to the image to boost their ranking online.

When choosing image ads as your advertising option, you should make sure that you are uploading highquality content to the site. Most people aren’t appeased with low-quality and unplanned photo content, so they wouldn’t bother to click on the ad to learn about your page.

Video ads

Video ads are becoming a successor to image ads, and they are rather micro-targeted to reach a specific audience. Video ads can be programmed to run in stories, newsfeeds or, they can be integrated into video content as in-stream ads. The length of a video ad can range between 10 seconds and 20 seconds; therefore, you have a limited timeslot to advertise your business. Make sure you utilize the timeframe effectively to convey a message to your target audience.

Don’t forget to optimize your video ads to increase its reach across a spectrum of content on Facebook. Also, add an effective CTA to compel the viewer to open your page to view your services, and potentially make a purchase from your business.

Video poll ads

Similar to video ads, video poll ads are becoming a sensation on Facebook mobile advertising. It is only specific to mobile phones, and this unique ad format comprises of an interactive component with compelling video ads. Video poll ads are proven to increase brand awareness by a significant percentage, so you should give this ad type a chance.

Carousel ads

While, an image ad or video ad may be effective for advertising business; it is never enough to convince your audience to visit your page—unless you provide with more. Here, you can pursue the carousel advertisement options to increase your brands’ reach. Here, you can use up to 10 images and videos to highlight the features of your products and services.

Slideshow ads

Prospective customers always want more, see more, and learn more about a business’ offerings before making up its mind before making a purchase. It makes an effective way to create short length video ads from an array of images, video clips, and text. Think of it as a way of playing a commercial ad on a projector.

Step-by-Step Guide on Advertising on Facebook

Facebook business is no less than a wonderland—it is equipped with a countless number of advertising options that are guaranteed to escalate the success of a business if they are utilized properly. We have prepared a brief systematic guide on how to advertise on Facebook. So, if you have a Facebook business page, it’s time for you to learn how to advertise on this wonderful platform.

Step-1: Choose an objective for your campaign

Open Facebook ad manager page via your business profile. You will find an option for the campaign tab and clicking on it would allow you to choose the goals and objectives to support your Facebook marketing campaign. Ask yourself, what really brings you to Facebook to advertise your business? What is it that Facebook is offering that you wouldn’t find elsewhere? Think of the determinants that would improve your business’ marketability via Facebook advertising and choose the objectives to satiate your goals. You will find the following options under the campaign tab:

Step-2: Choose a name for your campaign

In this step, you will be required to choose a name for your campaign. Under the campaign section, you will find an option for naming for the ad campaign, so you should choose a professional but, catchy name for your campaign. Furthermore, you can perform an A/B split test to narrow down the marketing process.

Step-3: Set up an ad account

Setting an ad account is a crucial part of the strategy that you shouldn’t miss at all costs—you will find an option for “set up an ad account”, click on it to proceed further. You will find details to create your account and enter other information. Once you have entered your personal billing information, you can select continue to proceed further.

Step-4: Click and Advertise

Once you have crosschecked the prerequisites, you will next be required to select your target audience, choose ad placements methods, set budget and schedule, and you are good to go! Make sure to track analytics on your Facebook ads to garner optional outcomes.


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Published on: Jun 01, 2020

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