How should you advertise your Brand on Pinterest?

With the rise of social media marketing, most businesses are often experimenting with social media to increase their brand awareness and brand exposure. Pinterest is a popular option among small and startup businesses; however, medium-sized enterprises are stepping into the game to increase their brand reach.

Once you have learned the various types of Pinterest ads, it’s time for you to learn how to advertise on this magical land, Pinterest.

Step-1: Create a business account

In this former section of this guide, we explained a step-by-step process on how to create a business account on Pinterest. As a fresher, you can either convert your personal account into your business account or, you can create a business account on Pinterest from scratch.

Step-2: Install Pinterest Tag to your browser

Many people underestimate the importance of Pinterest tag—and they are wrong! Installing a Pinterest tag is a surefire way to familiarize yourself with the demographic and geographic of your brand, as well as it allows you to learn your audience’s consumer behaviour in detail.

Step-3: Specify the goal of your campaign

If you are considering optimizing Pinterest ads option, visit to specify your campaign goals. For instance, you can choose between “maximizing your sales target” and “finding/expanding customers” for your business. It would allow you to narrow down your ad formats effectively. Currently, Pinterest is offering the following campaign objectives to businesses:

Step-4: Select a budget for your campaign

Specify your campaign name, title, and description, and set your budget limit for your ad campaign. Furthermore, you will be required to set parameters to narrow down the requirements of a Pinterest ad campaign. For instance, if you pursuing a carousel ad campaign for your business, you should enable “brand awareness” as the objective of your campaign.

Step-5: Create a group

Creating an ad group is a crucial part of your ad campaign, and you should underestimate its importance in optimizing the objectives of your campaign. You can create a customized ad group that is relevant to your brand or, you can choose a pre-existing ad group for your brand.

Ad groups are created for a specific purpose—to help you manage your campaign’s goals and objectives effectively. Therefore, you should create ad groups that cater to your brand, specifically to garner optimal outcomes.

Step-6: Choose a target audience

Next, you will be directed to choosing a target audience for your business. Refrain from making arbitrary guesses, and choose a group of audience that your brand intends to serve with your campaign. You can narrow down your target audience based on location, device, gender, and language, along with evaluating the demographics and geographic of your business.

Step-7: Choose an ad placement

If you are ready to go beyond a mile with your Pinterest ad strategy, it’s time for you to select an ad placement to maximize your marketing and advertising efforts. Choosing ad placement is an effective way to reach your audience without any hassle, and it also increases the ranking and placement of your pins on the main news feed, which is crucial for any business.


1. Introduction

2. Why should you use Pinterest for your business?

3. Creating and Setting Up a Pinterest Account for Businesses

4. Useful Tips and Examples for Pinterest

5. A Brief Buide on using Pinterest Ads

6. How should you advertise your brand on Pinterest?

7. Various Tactics to Use Pinterest for Businesses

Published on: Jun 01, 2020

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