How Should You Advertise On Your LinkedIn Business Profile?

A majority of the people maximize LinkedIn features to promote their business and to generate leads for their business; however, LinkedIn has proven itself to be a valuable social media/networking tool for marketing. Most business people think that LinkedIn offers limited features, which isn’t true at all. The more you learn about advanced LinkedIn features, the more it would help you with generating leads for your business. For instance, the networking platform offers LinkedIn Matched Audiences and LinkedIn ads that allow you to direct your marketing and advertisement efforts to your target audience.

LinkedIn Matched Audience plays a crucial role in assisting you with retargeting your website visitors, and it scours through your customer’s database to shake up your marketing programs. The option is available for all LinkedIn advertising products, which is likely to include sponsored content, along with miscellaneous ad formats. Again, there are three types of targeting capabilities that are:

No advertisement efforts should be let go without making elaborate test; therefore, you should hire an expert that would be responsible for conducting split tests to measure the response of the audience. Alternatively known as A/B testing, a split test is an effective way to measure the optimization rate of your LinkedIn sponsored content. The focus on analysis is based on iterating that helps with keeping your advertisement efforts on the track. Most advertisers are advised to run the test up to a two-week mark to garner optimal outcomes, and they should test one variable at a time to measure the efficiency of the test.

What are the long-term benefits of using LinkedIn ads?

LinkedIn ads have proven crucial for benefiting small-to-medium size enterprises; however, businesses should enable the “company size” filter on their profiles to target the audience that is most likely to make a purchase from their offerings. While, this feature has incurred many benefits; one of the recurring challenges to this problem is that small-size businesses with a team of 50 members, has not set up a page on LinkedIn, and it may keep them from utilizing the benefits of the service.

However, LinkedIn is integrated with advanced features that allow you to tap into the power of ads to help retarget visitors to your website, which implies that you are targeting the audience that has shown likeness for your products and services. Alternatively, you can choose lead generation forms to connect with your qualified leads, and it would boost your chances to grow your business’ network in the long run.


1. Introduction

2. Setting up your LinkedIn Company Profile

3. Understanding the Algorithm of LinkedIn

4. How Should You Advertise On Your LinkedIn Business Profile?

5. Analyzing metrics on your LinkedIn Business Profile

6. Role of LinkedIn in Improving the Marketability of your Business

7. Conclusion

Published on: Jun 01, 2020

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