Facebook Marketing—a Comprehensive Guide: Introduction

You think you know it all on Facebook. Think again. Facebook doesn’t sleep, and they created a whole world within its brand that you can and should use for marketing purposes.

Brush up your Facebook fundamentals and get to know the latest tactics and developments for small and medium businesses with this great Facebook guide. In this guide, we will cover the fundamentals of Facebook marketing and its role in influencing the growth of small and medium enterprises: 

Chapter: Introduction

It wasn’t too long ago when people used Facebook to post their thoughts and everyday activities on their newsfeed. They use it as a means to connect with their friends and relatives, and it allows them to post their photos or bookmark an event on their profiles. However, the extent of Facebook has increased over time, and majorities of the leading and small businesses are utilizing Facebook to improve their reach online.

Every business needs a Facebook presence to connect with its audience; however, not everyone is familiar with utilizing the top-notch features of Facebook business to improve their insights and outcomes. For a business, Facebook plays a critical role in connecting businesses to their target audience and converting potential prospects into buying customers. Therefore, it requires businesses to post more than statuses and images to stimulate its audience’s interest in their products and services and grow in the market eventually.

The renaissance of Facebook marketing initiated in the year 2010, and it has since grown to become one of the leading social media platforms for small and medium enterprises across the globe. As mentioned previously, the use of Facebook isn’t limited to posting statuses and URLs to your business profile but, if you pull your strings correctly, you can generate revenue and profit in the most unexpected ways.

In 2019, Facebook has taken its features up a notch, and it is capable of performing many business functions that none of us might have speculated 10 years ago. It is equipped with advanced features to facilitate the growth and reach of businesses, including the revolutionary 360-degree videos, interacting your audience base via chatbox or, using sponsored ads to direct the product/service to your audience. Additionally, the social media channel is a top news source for majority of Facebook users.

As per the recent statistics, Facebook caters to 1.56 billion active users on a regular basis—which makes the perfect opportunity for businesses to utilize sponsored ads to reach its audience. The current statistics are forecasted to increase over the years; therefore, businesses should expect newer and advanced options to promote their products on Facebook.

While there are several social media platforms that are proven effective to boost the growth of your business online, Facebook is regarded as one of the top reigning social media channels that will never go out of style. It provides businesses the leverage to focus on their targeted segment and market their efforts to a specific group of prospects that would be interested in purchasing their products. Facebook is a proven tool to improve the visibility of brands online, and it offers a myriad of options to help people with their purchase decisions online.

No one is unaware of the key features and advantages that businesses can expect from using Facebook; however, most brands struggle with getting started online, and it may hinder their growth progress on social media channels. Remember that Facebook or any other social media channel plays a crucial role in your business’ growth and development, and if you steer clear from utilizing the features—it is your loss.

In this guide, we will outline the beginner’s steps to get started with Facebook marketing and how to use the essential features for boosting your marketability online.


1. Introduction

2. How to Get Started with Facebook Marketing Online

3. Putting your Business on Facebook—How to Create a Presence Facebook

4. How to Advertise on Facebook

5. Marketing your Business with Facebook Video

6. Importance of Facebook Messenger for Businesses

Published on: Jun 01, 2020

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