Facebook Marketing – a Comprehensive Guide

You think you know it all on Facebook. Think again. Facebook doesn’t sleep, and they created a whole world within its brand that you can and should use for marketing purposes.

Brush up your Facebook fundamentals and get to know the latest tactics and developments for small and medium businesses with this great Facebook guide. In this guide, we will cover the fundamentals of Facebook marketing and its role in influencing the growth of small and medium enterprises:


  1. Introduction
  2. How to Get Started with Facebook Marketing Online
  3. Putting your Business on Facebook—How to Create a Presence Facebook
  4. How to Advertise on Facebook
  5. Marketing your Business with Facebook Video
  6. Importance of Facebook Messenger for Businesses


It wasn’t too long ago when people used Facebook to post their thoughts and everyday activities on their newsfeed. They use it as a means to connect with their friends and relatives, and it allows them to post their photos or bookmark an event on their profiles. However, the extent of Facebook has increased over time, and majorities of the leading and small businesses are utilizing Facebook to improve their reach online.

Every business needs a Facebook presence to connect with its audience; however, not everyone is familiar with utilizing the top-notch features of Facebook business to improve their insights and outcomes. For a business, Facebook plays a critical role in connecting businesses to their target audience and converting potential prospects into buying customers. Therefore, it requires businesses to post more than statuses and images to stimulate its audience’s interest in their products and services and grow in the market eventually.

The renaissance of Facebook marketing initiated in the year 2010, and it has since grown to become one of the leading social media platforms for small and medium enterprises across the globe. As mentioned previously, the use of Facebook isn’t limited to posting statuses and URLs to your business profile but, if you pull your strings correctly, you can generate revenue and profit in the most unexpected ways.

In 2019, Facebook has taken its features up a notch, and it is capable of performing many business functions that none of us might have speculated 10 years ago. It is equipped with advanced features to facilitate the growth and reach of businesses, including the revolutionary 360-degree videos, interacting your audience base via chatbox or, using sponsored ads to direct the product/service to your audience. Additionally, the social media channel is a top news source for majority of Facebook users.

As per the recent statistics, Facebook caters to 1.56 billion active users on a regular basis—which makes the perfect opportunity for businesses to utilize sponsored ads to reach its audience. The current statistics are forecasted to increase over the years; therefore, businesses should expect newer and advanced options to promote their products on Facebook.

While there are several social media platforms that are proven effective to boost the growth of your business online, Facebook is regarded as one of the top reigning social media channels that will never go out of style. It provides businesses the leverage to focus on their targeted segment and market their efforts to a specific group of prospects that would be interested in purchasing their products. Facebook is a proven tool to improve the visibility of brands online, and it offers a myriad of options to help people with their purchase decisions online.

No one is unaware of the key features and advantages that businesses can expect from using Facebook; however, most brands struggle with getting started online, and it may hinder their growth progress on social media channels. Remember that Facebook or any other social media channel plays a crucial role in your business’ growth and development, and if you steer clear from utilizing the features—it is your loss.

In this guide, we will outline the beginner’s steps to get started with Facebook marketing and how to use the essential features for boosting your marketability online.

How to Get Started with Facebook Marketing Online

Facebook for promoting your business has set a record, and many pioneering business people swear by the outcomes generated by using Facebook. Most people simply rely on the basic features of Facebook—which may deprive them from the opportunity of using the best Facebook marketing tools to their advantage to nurture the growth of their business. Let’s have a look at how to get started with Facebook marketing online:

Set goals for Facebook

If you are serious about enriching the expansion of your audience via Facebook, you cannot expect to gain favorable outcomes by hit-and-trial methods. Instead, you should set definite goals for your Facebook marketing strategy to deliver constructive outcomes. Create and follow a roadmap that would allow you to measure the feasibility of your Facebook, and eventually help you with reaching your target sales.

For starters, conduct comprehensive research on your prospects and objectives before diving into the expansive world of Facebook marketing. Ask yourself what do you expect from Facebook marketing—are you here to familiarize your audience with your offerings or, are you here to build an audience to sell your products to.

As per the 2018 Sprout Social Index, it was revealed that Facebook marketers had the following goals in mind:

  • 34% of the participants wanted to improve brand awareness
  • 21% of the participants wanted to nurture engagement with their audience
  • 11% of the participants were willing to use Facebook to increase lead generation and sales

Not having a particular goal set in mind isn’t profitable for your Facebook marketing campaign; therefore, you should collaborate with a social media manager to develop SMART Facebook marketing goals for your business.

Nonetheless, you can experiment with certain surveys and factors to determine your Facebook goals. However, if your business is adamant about following a set of pre-developed goals, then you should determine the ways that would help you with moving further with your campaigning needs.

What to consider when developing your Facebook marketing goals?

We have compiled a list of common goals to help you shortlist the objectives for your Facebook marketing campaign. Let’s have a look at them:

  • To increase the quality of sales: Remember that you are on Facebook for a particular reason. If you have identified your marketing segment and target audience then, it is time for you to leverage the features of Facebook to your advantage to procure favorable outcomes. If you are using Facebook to increase quality of sales then, it requires you to improve your targeting.

Direct your marketing efforts to a niche of buyers (FB users) that would be interested in purchasing your products/services. Most marketers make the blunder of targeting a random group of people, and you will never know whether the targeted group qualifies to be your target audience. Preparing a well-planning marketing strategy in advance will enable you to reach your audience effectively. Then, you can sell your products directly to them to meet sales targets.

  • To add value to your organization: The role of Facebook in enriching your internet growth is bigger than you think—it can help you with improving brand awareness, nurturing customers, and providing sufficient resources to your audience. If you are simply using Facebook to sell, sell, and sell, then, it may turn off your customers. Instead, you should utilize as a tool to provide information to your audience to help add value to your organization.
  • To improve your tracks in the industry: If your industrial niche is overwhelmed with the competition, you will be required to upgrade your game to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Facebook is integrated with a multitude of social media monitoring tools that you can utilize to your advantage to monitor the activities of your competitors. These useful tools help you to monitor and track your customer’s perspective and feedback of your business, which acts as word-of-mouth for your potential customers. Nonetheless, you can rely on Facebook reviews and other characteristic features to improve your track in the industry to garner profitable outcomes.
  • To recruit talent for your firm: It was not that long ago when recruiters often depended on newspapers and similar outlets to recruit personnel for their business. While it benefited a limited group of people, the majority of the people missed out on job opportunities due to the lack of resources.

Facebook is a pioneer in social recruiting that helps businesses attracting talent to their firm. The scope of social recruiting has increased over the years, and several entrepreneurs are posting job and internship opportunities on their Facebook pages to hire employees for their firms. It is not only beneficial for a business but, it also presents an array of job opportunities to job hunters, and it gives them the option to look for jobs that cater to their talent the best.

  • To enable smart growth online: Businesses often struggle with growing online due to superfluous competition; however, if they pull their strings correctly, they can experience smart growth online with no time. A successful business is a product of increased acquisition and right marketing tools, and Facebook can help you with achieving the goals mentioned above easily.
  • To track progress online: Measuring Facebook’s progress is an essential way to ensure the success of your marketing campaign. However, if you fail to track the insights and metrics on time, it would prove unhelpful for your business.

Several tools are dedicated to helping you track the progress of your sales and revenue generation online, and if you are able to maximize on the gathered progress, your business online will blossom within no time. We will reflect on the importance of tracking progress and metrics in the latter section of the guide.

 Learn about your audience on Facebook

Facebook is proven to be an extraordinary marketing tool for majorities of the business, and if you follow our step-by-step guide on mastering the art of Facebook marketing, you will find the ultimate success on Facebook within no time.

It’s no surprise that Facebook entertains up to 2 billion active users on a regular basis—which is a lot. If you are opting for Facebook marketing, you cannot simply make random guesses on who to sell your products and services but, you should be familiar with your audience to sell your products to.

Most Facebook marketers neglect the importance of learning about their Facebook audience, which has great potential to discourage their online marketing attempts. Nonetheless, understanding your audience and learning about their preferences would go a long way. It helps you with developing marketing strategies that are specific to your audience to help you churn out profitable outcomes.

Learning about your audience starts with learning about social media demographics in-depth. It serves as a benchmark for Facebook marketers to help them narrow down their online marketing strategies, as well as it helps them determine the preferences of their audience’s demographics. Once you have selected a focus-group for your Facebook marketing efforts, it will make things a lot easier for you.

On the contrary, not knowing about the preferences of your audience or not knowing your audience will result you in making blunt and aimless choices, and it wouldn’t take your Facebook marketing campaign anywhere.

Interact and engage with your audience frequently

Congratulations on identifying your target audience! However, pinpointing your target audience is just the tip of the iceberg, and you still have a lot way ahead of you to master the fundamentals of Facebook marketing. At the initial phase of your marketing campaign, you are required to interact and engage with your audience proactively to churn considerable outcomes.

While majorities of the social media platforms differ at some point—they all share a common ground and that it is to communicate with your audience. As a brand, you should focus on the significance of ‘network’ in social media networks to understand the importance of connecting with your audience.

Remember that your audience is a crucial part of your business; therefore, you should utilize the key features of Facebook to engage proactively with them. You can connect with your audience by encouraging them to share and like your content, comment on your posts, send you a DM (Direct Message), and even tag your brand on their received products to spark engagement.

Present yourself as a community to your followers, and participate in conversations with your audience that would help you with determining the direction of your brand. It’s no wonder that businesses on Twitter are praised for their interaction, so if you are using Facebook, you can utilize many of its features to connect with your customers.

Hire a social media manager to help convey your perspective to your customers. The following suggestions reflect on the various ways to increase conversations with your potential customers:

Be selective with posting content on Facebook

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, are guaranteed to generate organic results if you are doing everything right. However, if you were to post or engage with your audience arbitrarily, it wouldn’t garner many favorable outcomes.

Facebook’s algorithm has evolved relatively over the years, so businesses need to be careful when choosing the best time to post on their business page. Most social media experts suggest you comply with the following peak time to win the attention of your audience right away:

  • Facebook is exceedingly used on Wednesdays; therefore, you should post on Wednesdays frequently to promote your posts.
  • Furthermore, you should post between 11 AM and 1 PM to facilitate engagement with your audience.
  • On weekdays, you can post between 9 AM and 3 PM to generate engagement with your audience.
  • Avoid posting content on Sunday and Monday.
  • Experiment with Sponsored Ads

Promoting your product to your niche audience could be tiresome work but, if you are willing to go beyond a mile, you can buy sponsored ads. Sponsored ads will be displayed to the audience looking for products similar to your offerings, and it should push your post and business name to them. Additionally, each time a user clicks on your sponsored ads, you will get paid in return, which sounds interesting!

 Scheduling your Facebook posts

As mentioned previously, if you are expecting to generate profitable outcomes from your social media marketing campaign, then you should be familiar with the right time to post your content. Your audience will simply dismiss your posts if you post it at the wrong time, and it wouldn’t earn you any engagement on your posts.

It is no surprise to anyone that Facebook hosts several content creation options that range from statuses, images, videos, GIFs, stories, group posts, and much more. So, if you are willing to take your Facebook marketing effort to the next level, it is time for you to learn about scheduling your posts to win the attention of your audience immediately.

Not everyone is interested in reading long posts on Facebook—so, you should find a substitute for your content and express it in an alternative way. For instance, if you are advocating for employees’ rights or Labor Day rights on your Facebook page then, you should compile the information in an image or infographics, and it would help a layman understand the concept behind your post.

Similarly, if you are all set to launch a new product to the market, you will feel the urge to promote the product by dedicating a written post to it. However, most people aren’t inclined to reading posts on a business page, and they would rather be informed on the launch of the product in a more creative and productive way.

Facebook offers a myriad of marketing techniques to help businesses achieve a profitable ROI, so you should breakdown the techniques that work the best for your brand. Don’t be hesitant to conduct marketing research (primary and secondary) to analyze the type of posts that your audience would like to see on your page. According to a study, nearly 30% of the audience asks for a link to informative content, and 18% of the Facebook users demand infographics and images to assimilate information. Also, nearly 17% of the audience asked for video content to be informed on a product launch.

Facebook allows you to schedule your posts according to a specific time and date. If you are inspired to post something on your business page but, you believe that you could be posting during the plunge hours then, you can create a post, set date, and time, and it will be posted according to your posting preferences.

Analyze your results and progress

As mentioned previously, tracking the progress of your Facebook marketing campaign is crucial to your business. Not tracking or analyzing your metrics may deprive you of lucrative opportunities, which is a huge no-no.

Hire an expert to monitor and analyze your Facebook business data. The outcomes of the assessment will help you determine your ROI in the online marketing campaign. It further sets precedence for your next Facebook marketing campaigns, as well as allows you to improve the marketability of your Facebook campaign.

Once you have gathered the insights on your business, you can coordinate and arrange the core metrics on a spreadsheet. Categorize the information wisely, and look for the following determinants to further your progress report.

  • Click-through Rate: If you want to learn about the traffic on your business page, you can monitor and track its CTR to learn more about it. If the statistical information is below average, you may be required to revise your Facebook marketing strategy to improve.
  • Page Impressions: Assessing page impressions allow you to determine the factors to help you increase your reach and visibility on your Facebook business page.

For starters, you should keep an eye on page impressions, fan growth, engagement rates, and other insights to prepare reports for your campaigning efforts. Remember that it is a crucial part of Facebook marketing, so you shouldn’t miss it at all costs. Additionally, the outcomes of the assessment allow you to determine your progress against your competitors.

Putting your Business on Facebook – How to Create a Presence Facebook

Marketing on Facebook is great and all but, not complying with the algorithm of Facebook could diminish your brand’s visibility on the social media platform. If you are utilizing Facebook as a means to promote your brand, you should pursue the proven ways to create a definitive presence on Facebook.

For starters, you should make sure that your business page on Facebook is optimized and updated regularly. Complying with the optimization rules ensures that your brand is marketable and available on Facebook, which may boost your chances to reach your audience within no time. However, if you don’t pay attention to optimizing your business page, it may lose its ranking and visibility online—which isn’t a good sign.

Most people consider promoting their businesses through their personal Facebook accounts, which is indeed one of the worst ways to market your business online. Facebook for businesses exist for a reason, and it is integrated with advanced features to put your business’ name on Facebook—to your niche audience. Here are few of the effective ways to put or enhance your presence on the social media channel:

Add a profile photo

Facebook has upgraded significantly over the years, and it has incorporated a variety of features to boost the marketability and presence of businesses online. Before the introduction of such innovative features, most business owners would simply choose a random photo as their profile picture but, a spontaneous random display photo wouldn’t be appreciated by savvy and smart customers of today.

Signifying a profile photo helps with boosting the visibility and presence of your business. Posting images of your products or brand logo isn’t a professional approach to promote your business, but it does the job. However, if you are perfectionist then, you can hire a professional graphic designer to create a custom profile photo for your FB business page.

Ask yourself—would you ever compromise on your brand’s logo? The answer is obviously no. Refrain from choosing your image as your profile image, as it may not exude a professional impression to your audience. Furthermore, make sure the size of the photo is 180 x 180 pixels or more to add a high-quality image to the display picture slot.

Add a cover photo

Having an attractive profile image is a good start to create a brand presence for your business. Most businesses skip on adding a cover photo to their profile, which may make their profiles look incomplete and empty. The process of choosing a cover photo is similar to choosing and adding a profile image but with larger dimensions and pixels. We would recommend you choosing a cover photo with 828 x 315 pixels or more to impress your visitors!

Furthermore, you can choose a motion (moving) cover photo for your business profile. It can act as a pleasant way to welcome the visitor to your page. You can add custom sounds and graphics to make your cover photo even more appealing.

Call-to-action button/text

Call-to-action is a crucial part of online marketing, and if you don’t have a CTA on your FB business page and business website, it could be a loss for your business. Having a CTA on your profile, preferably underneath your cover page, persuades your audience to make a purchase from your business or, even like your page—hence increasing your revenue and visibility simultaneously.

Add a description

Facebook’s business profiles feature an “about” section, where businesses can add information about their businesses, brands, products, and services. Utilize this feature to your advantage, and describe your business in 155 characters to win the attention of your visitors.

How to Advertise on Facebook

Many businesses have accredited Facebook for improving their brand awareness and brand exposure simultaneously. However, any Facebook marketing campaign is rather partial without learning your advertisement options on the platform.

Most naïve businesses tend to skip on pursuing advertising options on Facebook, and it never earns them a profitable ROI on their social media marketing campaign. Therefore, they should pay attention to the importance of advertising on Facebook to increase the reach of their business. Learn micro-targeting with Facebook’s advertising options to expand the reach of your brand.

While you will find plenty of options on Facebook advertising platform, it’s important to recognize the advertising factors that are specific to your business. Advertisement options aren’t a “one-size-fits-all” thing, so you should learn about advertising on Facebook comprehensively to enable the growth of your business. Invest in suitable advertisement options to market your efforts to your potential audience.

We have compiled a list of various Facebook ad types and targeting options that are proven to improve the marketability of your business on an online platform. Read the ad types carefully to explore the ways to escalate the growth and awareness of your business.

Various Types of Facebook Advertisement

Are you looking for Facebook advertisement types to propel the growth of your business? We have got you covered!

Image ads

Image ads make a popular option to advertise a business on the social media platform. It is a starter option for small businesses, and it is proven to make your audience familiar with your brand. Image ads are immensely easy to make and optimize, and you can add an optimized caption to the image to boost their ranking online.

When choosing image ads as your advertising option, you should make sure that you are uploading highquality content to the site. Most people aren’t appeased with low-quality and unplanned photo content, so they wouldn’t bother to click on the ad to learn about your page.

Video ads

Video ads are becoming a successor to image ads, and they are rather micro-targeted to reach a specific audience. Video ads can be programmed to run in stories, newsfeeds or, they can be integrated into video content as in-stream ads. The length of a video ad can range between 10 seconds and 20 seconds; therefore, you have a limited timeslot to advertise your business. Make sure you utilize the timeframe effectively to convey a message to your target audience.

Don’t forget to optimize your video ads to increase its reach across a spectrum of content on Facebook. Also, add an effective CTA to compel the viewer to open your page to view your services, and potentially make a purchase from your business.

Video poll ads

Similar to video ads, video poll ads are becoming a sensation on Facebook mobile advertising. It is only specific to mobile phones, and this unique ad format comprises of an interactive component with compelling video ads. Video poll ads are proven to increase brand awareness by a significant percentage, so you should give this ad type a chance.

Carousel ads

While, an image ad or video ad may be effective for advertising business; it is never enough to convince your audience to visit your page—unless you provide with more. Here, you can pursue the carousel advertisement options to increase your brands’ reach. Here, you can use up to 10 images and videos to highlight the features of your products and services.

Slideshow ads

Prospective customers always want more, see more, and learn more about a business’ offerings before making up its mind before making a purchase. It makes an effective way to create short length video ads from an array of images, video clips, and text. Think of it as a way of playing a commercial ad on a projector.

Step-by-Step Guide on Advertising on Facebook

Facebook business is no less than a wonderland—it is equipped with a countless number of advertising options that are guaranteed to escalate the success of a business if they are utilized properly. We have prepared a brief systematic guide on how to advertise on Facebook. So, if you have a Facebook business page, it’s time for you to learn how to advertise on this wonderful platform.

Step-1: Choose an objective for your campaign

Open Facebook ad manager page via your business profile. You will find an option for the campaign tab and clicking on it would allow you to choose the goals and objectives to support your Facebook marketing campaign. Ask yourself, what really brings you to Facebook to advertise your business? What is it that Facebook is offering that you wouldn’t find elsewhere? Think of the determinants that would improve your business’ marketability via Facebook advertising and choose the objectives to satiate your goals. You will find the following options under the campaign tab:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand reach
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App installments
  • Lead generation
  • Communication
  • Video views
  • Much more

Step-2: Choose a name for your campaign

In this step, you will be required to choose a name for your campaign. Under the campaign section, you will find an option for naming for the ad campaign, so you should choose a professional but, catchy name for your campaign. Furthermore, you can perform an A/B split test to narrow down the marketing process.

Step-3: Set up an ad account

Setting an ad account is a crucial part of the strategy that you shouldn’t miss at all costs—you will find an option for “set up an ad account”, click on it to proceed further. You will find details to create your account and enter other information. Once you have entered your personal billing information, you can select continue to proceed further.

Step-4: Click and Advertise

Once you have crosschecked the prerequisites, you will next be required to select your target audience, choose ad placements methods, set budget and schedule, and you are good to go! Make sure to track analytics on your Facebook ads to garner optional outcomes.

Marketing your Business with Facebook Video

It’s no surprise that video marketing has become a crucial tool to market your business. Most online businesses dismiss the importance of video marketing, which certainly deprives them of the opportunity to reach their audience and sales targets effectively. One of the major marketing tools adopted by Facebook is video marketing, and a significant percentage of successful online businesses swear by the proficiency of this particular marketing tool.

Videos are proven to connect a business to its leads and audience on a personal level; therefore, most savvy businesses work with top-rated video marketers and videographers to create intriguing videos for their Facebook audience. They can highlight the features, experience, usability, and other advantages of a product in their videos, and it would instantly help them with increasing their sales and revenues.

Videos resonate with a viewer/audience on an emotional and personal level; therefore, create imaginative and creative videos to sell your products and services via video marketing, and it will generate sufficient traffic for your business. Nonetheless, refrain from integrating certain components to your video that could be misleading, misinforming, and misusing. Remember that you are using video marketing to connect with your audience on an emotional level; therefore, you should utilize the tool accurately to garner favorable outcomes.

Pursuing a Facebook marketing tool is much more than uploading a video to your page—while it may work for your personal profile—it is never an optimal solution for your business profile. Start with making your videos business-oriented and optimize it to promote it to your followers on Facebook. Keep the following things in mind when optimizing your FB videos:

  • The videos should feature a widescreen with a ratio of 1920 x 1080 pixels. A video with a lower resolution wouldn’t convey the purpose of your video accurately, so make sure that you follow the correct pixels measurements to upload an HD video to your business page.
  • Choose your video’s thumbnail/cover carefully. It convinces a potential viewer to click on your video. Also, make sure to add an attractive and compelling title to your video for increasing its marketability rate. Don’t forget to add relevant tags and description to boost the views on your video.
  • Schedule/post your videos during peak hours to garner a relatively high engagement rate.
  • Add comments to your video to promote it thoroughly.
  • Focus on telling a story through your video marketing campaign. Work with professional videographers and video marketers to create video content for your business page.
  • Use Facebook ad campaign/sponsored ads to promote your video to your audience.

In addition to that, Facebook Live video is becoming a popular option among online businesses, and they can use it as a resourceful tool to generate leads for their brand. The advanced capabilities of the social media platform allow you to integrate videos to your messenger bots to deliver the required information to your audience.

As a startup business, you cannot count on hosting tradeshows and conferences to promote your business; therefore, social media marketing is one of the ways to make your brand perceptible to your audience. Video marketing allows you to achieve your Facebook marketing goals effectively, and it ventures new ways to help you improve your marketing techniques.

Importance of Facebook Messenger for Businesses

In this brief section, we will explore the role of the Facebook messenger in improving the growth and success of online businesses. Facebook messenger is an integral component of Facebook marketing, and businesses should be familiar with utilizing the features of Facebook messenger to interact and engage with their audience.

It has been reported that nearly 800 million users are likely to use Messenger on a regular basis. The pioneering instant messaging service is not only available to FB users but, anyone with a phone number can get started with using FB messenger to communicate with their friends or businesses page.

Communication is the key to build relationships with your customers; however, most businesses aren’t able to respond to queries on their FB profile. Instead, they can encourage their audience to use Messenger to initiate a conversation with them. Most businesses have the option to leave an automated response for their audience, so a user wouldn’t be discouraged if it doesn’t receive an instant message from the business.

Similarly, brands can advertise their products directly via instant messaging. You can simply leave a link to your product in Messenger, and an interested customer will continue with the purchase within no time. Messenger is an excellent way to improve the profitability and revenue of an online business, so if you are using Facebook for marketing your business, you shouldn’t hesitate to use Messenger to expand your options.

Most customers complain about a lack of proper communication from a business, and the use of Messenger can help businesses with overcoming this gap. During its initial page, Messenger only allowed users/business owners to reply directly to others now. Now, page owners can send a direct message to anyone that has commented on their posts. Another perk of using Messenger for businesses is that they cannot access the email addresses of their users, which eliminates the chances of sending spam emails to their audience.

Long story short, Messenger is an influential marketing tool, and not using it properly could prove detrimental to your business’ revenue. Remember that your audience is counting on your communication, so if you fail to establish a conversation with them, they might not be interested in your brand at all.

Recent statistics show that nearly 89% of Facebook users are likely to check their app at least 14 times a day. If businesses are able to use the features of Messenger and Facebook accurately then, they would thrive within no time. It allow businesses to build interpersonal relationships with their audience, and discover the new ways to appease their target audience.

Business Tips & Strategies to Follow on Facebook Messenger

Connect Messenger to your FB business profile, and you are ready to go! Let’s have a look at the common tips and strategies to maximize your business’ growth via FB Messenger:

1. Use messenger codes

Messenger codes are an innovative way to connect your users to your business. They are simply required to scan a simple graphic code, and it will instantly connect them to your Messenger page. Most businesses aren’t aware of this fact, but your business’ profile picture features the messenger code for your business. The code shares similarity with the Morse code that you can copy and paste to share it with your audience and social media team.

2. Use the send message button for promoting local awareness

Majorities of the people aren’t familiar with this interesting fact, but Facebook allows businesses to create local awareness ads to promote the growth of their business. As mentioned previously, businesses often struggling with identifying their target audience online, and most naïve businesses end up promoting their marketing efforts to an incompetent group of people.

Nonetheless, the local awareness ads allow you to direct your marketing efforts to the people within a specific geographic location or, they can utilize this feature to instruct their customers to visit their offline locations. Furthermore, integrating the CTA button to a local awareness advertisement helps with convincing your potential audience to learn more about your offerings.

3. Offer customer care

Not everyone is going to be pleased with your services and offerings; therefore, you should make it easy for your audience to reach out to you to express their concerns to you. While they may send a complaint to your email address, most businesses do not bother replying to their emails, which isn’t a good look for their brand’s reputation. There are two ways to offer customer care to your audience:

• Respond to their public messages privately

If you are selling a product to your audience, they might be inclined to ask for the price and specifications of the product in the comment section instead of sending you a private message. Responding to these comments in a public setting is not advisable for a business, as it may include personal information of the user, as well as it makes your business look unprofessional.

Instead, you can utilize the advance features of FB to reply to the comments directly. You are no longer obliged to open the commenter’s profile, look for messenger option to send them a message. Instead, you can click on “send a message on Messenger” to connect with your audience and sell your product to them directly.

• Offer customer service via Messenger

Most regular internet users do not care to remember their email address/passwords, so they cannot direct a company via FB Messenger. If you are considering marketing through Facebook, you should make sure that your campaign comprises of Messenger services to help your audience connect with you.

They can simply direct message you on Messenger to express their queries and concerns, and you can respond to their queries via Messenger. If they leave complaints in the review section of your page, you can direct message them to provide assistance to them.

4. Use Chatbots to offer services

Chatbots is one of the newest introductions to FB Messenger, and it is a proven way to increase your sales and revenue. You can simply automate its features to enable product recommendations to customer service, and it would certainly please your audience.



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