Creating and Setting up a Pinterest Account for Business

Now that you have made up your mind to utilize the advanced features of Pinterest to grow your business—it is time for you to create a Pinterest business account. Similar to any other social media channel, you are given options to either create a personal account or, a business account. If you are considering using Pinterest for businesses, then, you should refrain from creating a personal account, as it may disable advertisement and other features for you.

In case you had started your journey on your personal account, you can simply convert into a business account, and you are good to go! The following section outlines how to create a Pinterest business account.

Step-1: Create a business account on Pinterest

Step-2: Complete and Personalize your Profile

Now that you are officially registered with Pinterest, it’s time for you to personalize your business profile. Remember that not customizing your profile wouldn’t have a sound impression on your audience, and they might dismiss your account as any other run-of-the-mill account on the social networking site. Let’s have a look at some tips to help you shape up your business profile.

Don’t take customizing your profile easy. While, Pinterest isn’t LinkedIn by all accounts but, not adding any description to your profile may give an impression that you are not prepared to run a business online. Hire a copywriter to help you create a compelling and persuasive description for your profile that would make your audience eager to learn about your business. As an additional tip, try to use optimized keywords in your profile to improve the ranking of your profile.

Step-3: Enter and confirm your website’s information

Have you ever wondered how your audience would perceive your LinkedIn profile if you haven’t added your website’s URL to it? For starter, it wouldn’t leave a pleasant impression on them, so if you are advertising your business on Pinterest, you should confirm your website’s information and URL to add a professional touch to your profile.

Adding a website to your profile boosts the ranking of your pins in the search results; therefore, make sure that your website is updated and optimized to satiate your ranking needs. Follow the given steps to confirm your business’ information:

Step-4: Create boards online

Once you have received a confirmation email, you can continue with marketing on Pinterest. First of all, you will be required to create boards, which is the backbone of any Pinterest profile. Don’t be reluctant to share and organize content on your profile to win the attention of your audience.

Most businesses make the blunder of copying and pasting images from the internet that may potentially result in copyright infringement or, even a lawsuit. You are here to boost creativity to your audience; therefore, you should create original content to your mood boards on Pinterest.

If you are selling pet accessories online, then, you should be able to upload high-definition images to your profile to appease your audience. It should give them a convincing reason to click on the image, and potentially on the back-link to purchase from your site.

Follow the given steps to create a board on your Pinterest business profile:

Step-5: Start pinning and adding photos

Now, it’s time for you to start pinning and adding photos to your profile. One of the most recommended ways would be to install a Pinterest browser button to your profile and pin images from any external website.

Look for people that are following boards similar to your brands’, and pin or save their recent uploads or shared items to win their attention. If they notice that your brand has been saving their pins then, they might be inclined to browse your profile, and potentially follow it.

Majorities of the Pinterest users are looking for aesthetically pleasing images on the platform, so if your images leave nothing to the imagination then, it won’t do anything for your business. Hire a graphic designer or creative designer to prepare content that aligns with your brand’s core or, you can use Adobe Photoshop or Canva to customize photos for your profile. For example: if your business’ niche is to sell perfume miniatures or decants then, you cannot use the original or web-searched images of the product for your profile. Instead, you are expected to upload original images of your profile; therefore, work with a professional photographer that specializes in capturing images for social media channels.

Now, your job doesn’t end at creating a profile, adding a profile photo or, a description. Here, you are required to up your advertising efforts to gain conversion rates and leads via using Pinterest. Pinterest business exists for a reason—it offers a multitude of optimization and analytic options to help you to improve your reach on the internet.

Additionally, accessing the insights and analytics of your profile allows you to have an idea of the number of viewers browsing through your profile. If you have garnered a sufficient percentage of analytics on your profile, you should maximize it to discover various ways to excel at Pinterest marketing.


1. Introduction

2. Why should you use Pinterest for your business?

3. Creating and Setting Up a Pinterest Account for Businesses

4. Useful Tips and Examples for Pinterest

5. A Brief Buide on using Pinterest Ads

6. How should you advertise your brand on Pinterest?

7. Various Tactics to Use Pinterest for Businesses

Published on: Jun 01, 2020

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