Automation: How It Can Leverage the Facebook Groups You Manage

You can’t put too much emphasis on the importance of a Facebook presence for a business. Whether you’re building your brand as a blogger or you’re trying to leverage your marketing through social media, Facebook is still one of the best tools to reach a wider market at a fraction of your normal marketing budget.

Out of the more than 2 billion Facebook active monthly users, almost 1 billion of them participate in Facebook Groups. This number has especially increased with the pandemic where more people look for ways to stay connected without breaking lockdown protocols.

Last October, Facebook hosted its annual Communities Summit where it rolled out new features for Facebook Groups including Facebook Group Automation. So, why should you use automation in your own Facebook Group and how can it leverage you as a business or brand?

  • It will make your task of managing your Facebook Group easier.

According to Facebook, there are more than 70 million Facebook Group admins around the world today and they have the tedious task of keeping up with their engagements and managing group discussions.

That is why Facebook released Admin Assist, which is a tool in Facebook Group automation that allows group admins to create automated rules for moderating posts in their groups.

This means that they don’t have to sort through every single post themselves and focus on creating meaningful content for their members.

The new suite of tools will be rolled out over the next few months and it is geared towards helping admins maximize the benefits of their Facebook Group rather than spending a lot of time sorting content.

  • It lightens your workload so you can focus on engagement.

A Facebook Group is an excellent tool for you to offer excellent customer support and you shouldn’t pass up that opportunity. With automation, you can lighten your workload by letting Facebook Group automation features flag problematic posts and discussions while you spend your time addressing real issues from your customers.

  • It allows consistency in your posting.

As you continue to build your brand within your Facebook Group, your members will also begin the habit of waiting for new posts to come in at a certain time.

But since you cannot predict whether a day is going to be hectic or not, automation allows you to write your post whenever you have the time and set it to be posted at a specific date and time. This means that you will have posts uploaded even if you’re away on vacation or don’t have Internet connection.

Consistency is key to a strong following on social media and automation will help you achieve that.

Facebook continues to work on improving its platform in favor of business, bloggers and brands that want to leverage themselves without spending a lot.

With Facebook Groups, you have this door to bigger opportunities to engage, discuss, share and build authority within your niche. Facebook Group automation also makes life easier for you as an admin and you can’t waste that chance to maximize your gains while lightening your load



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