A Brief Guide on using Pinterest Ads

Pinterest advertising is a crucial component of Pinterest marketing. For instance, if you are getting active exposure on the social networking platform, it’s time for you to convert your rapport with your audience into something more valuable. Discover Pinterest advertising to maximize your current analytics to venture onto a path of success.

Pinterest is predominantly a discovery platform, which allows the audience to look for a relevant solution or product online. However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most searches on the platform are rather unbranded, which leaves so much to one’s imagination but, pinners are also looking for content from brands to help them facilitate their purchase decision. 73% of the active users have admitted to looking up for content from a specific brand to help them make up their minds regarding the purchase of a specific product.

Nonetheless, Pinterest ads allow you to advertise your brands and products on the platform rather effectively. It helps you to eliminate the factors that could potentially hinder your success on the platform; hence, improving the growth of your business on the platform. Read on to learn the benefits of using Pinterest ads as well as discover the ways to advertise on Pinterest effectively.

Benefits of Using Pinterest Ads

If your business is centered on aesthetics and visuals then, using Pinterest ads is an excellent way to resonate with your audience. For instance, if your branding process is fundamentally based on posting images and videos rather than posting content, then, Pinterest would make the ultimate choice for you.

There are several benefits of using Pinterest ads—for instance, it enables the businesses to increase brand awareness among their audience, as well as it serves as a gateway to improving a customer’s purchase decision.

Offering new and never-been-done-before products on the market is an amazing way to stand out in a marketplace; however, it requires you to quadruple your marketing efforts to convince your audience to purchase your products. If you are releasing content in every format (text, photo, and video) then, it might teach your audience on how to use your product.

It has been reported that nearly 98% of the pinners have found interesting visual content on the internet, along with products and infographics to finalize their purchase decision. It indicates that using Pinterest ads accurately results in driving brand awareness that enables a prospective customers to learn more about a product to purchase it.

Furthermore, a study on consumer behaviour has revealed that pinners that lookup for products on the channel are likely to spend more than those who don’t have an account on Pinterest. So, if you are landing your business on Pinterest, you should make sure that you are experimenting with the advertisement’s options offered by the brand; else, your hard work would mean nothing.

Categories of Pinterest Ads

When developing an ad campaign for your brand on Pinterest, it is important for you to learn the fundamentals of Pinterest ads to garner success outcomes. Pinterest features a large scope of advertisement options, so if you are a beginner, make sure to learn the types of ads to determine which one would work the best for your branding strategy.

Promoted Carousels:

The introduction of promoted carousels in November 2018 took pinners by surprise, and they have regarded it as the most addictive feature introduced by the platform to-date. Promoted carousels open up to two to five images that a Pinner can scroll through to learn more about its options.

For instance, if a pinner is looking for a specific handbag from a specific brand, then, clicking on a particular image will also show options for similar products. The multi-image ads are useful for businesses, and it allows them to reach their audience with minimal effort.

If you are considering choosing this type of ad for your brand, you should learn the algorithm associated with this act. In a promoted carousel ad, each card/slide is equipped with a different image, landing page, URL, title, and description. The format allows businesses to upload/promote a similar set of products at the same time. Majorities of the brands have experimented with this innovative feature, and they believed that the ad option improved their search results by 35%– which is impressive!

Promoted video pins

It may not be a popular or recognizable option, but, Pinterest features video pins to enable businesses to expand their portfolio. Short length videos are a proven way to highlight the features of your product, and it brings more to the table, in comparison to the pinned images.

Now, businesses have normalized the use of video pins, and they are working with top-notch graphic designers for creating a 10-sec video ad to appeal to their audience. If you are creating a teaser or buzzer for your brand, you should use the video pin feature of Pinterest to get ahead of your competitors and discover the ways you can connect with your audience via this feature.

As of now, Pinterest is offering promoted video pins in two formats; max-width video pins and standard video pins. The dimensions for a standard width video are similar to a regular pin; whereas, the maxwidth video is slightly more advanced.

Promoted Pins

Pinners are introduced to “promoted pins” on their home feed, which may compel them to open the pin to learn more about it. Maintaining a presence on Pinterest doesn’t come so easily; therefore, you should indulge in this type of ad to boost your pinned images to your niche audience.

One-tap Pins

The introduction of one-tap pins is a win-win for the startup business. With the help of this ad feature, a user is directed to a business’ landing page at a single click.


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Published on: Jun 01, 2020

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