Lead Magnet is one of the famous techniques that lots of people use to market their business. There are usually some free offers given by the company that you will get in exchange for your email address or some other information.

Promotion of the offer is also required to let target customers know about the opportunity available. If you don’t make people realize the benefits of your offer, then they will not get it, even if the lead magnet is quite amazing.

So, here we are going to tell you about top 8 ways by which you can easily promote your lead magnet on social media.

1. Put the Lead Magnet Link in Bio

One of the most effective ways by which you can easily promote your lead magnet is putting its link in your bio. Since every social media platform offers every user an account where he/she can share anything he/she wants. In the About potion of your business accounts, there is a Bio section in which you can write a few sentences to share details of your business. You can put the link in your bio through which any person who will visit your profile, will get to know about your lead magnet, and you can get more leads for your business.

2. Pin the Tweet

Pinning your lead magnet on a Twitter post is a very effective technique. Most of the times it happens that you tweet about your lead magnet but after some days, it vanishes because of the new posts. In this case, the new people visiting your twitter account will not see that tweet over there.

So, it is recommended that you should pin the tweet after posting it. Don’t post it normally but perform this task in this way. With the help of this technique, your tweet will not vanish because of the new posts and it will appear at the top whenever someone will visit your twitter account.

3. Run a Twitter Campaign

Another one of the most effective way that you can use in order to promote your lead magnet on social media is by running a campaign on twitter. There are lots of people who are using Twitter these days. It has become one of the most powerful social media platforms these days. It has millions of active users which can help you to run your promotional campaign without investing any amount. All you need to do is share updates about the lead magnet and its offerings. Try to attract people with those posts as you might attract them through commercials, so that they get your offer and in return give you the information you want from them.

4. Highlight Lead Magnet in your Header

Another most effective way to promote your lead magnet is highlighting it in your header. Since header is the very first thing that appears in someone’s account. Whenever you visit any account, you firstly get to see what’s written in the header. In this case, it is clear that you can never neglect to notice the header of someone’s account.

Instead of promoting your lead magnet at any other place, use your account’s header as an effective source. Simply highlight the lead magnet that you are offering to the users. Showcase all the details and procedure on the twitter header that comes with the lead magnet. In this case, every person will get to know about this opportunity, who are already following your twitter account.

5. Make a Facebook Banner

Similar to twitter header, there is also a Facebook banner that you can utilize in the same way as twitter header. Every one in your Facebook circle will surely see the updates you are sharing on your account. In this case, you can effectively utilize this platform for marketing your lead magnet.

So, just simply make a picture like post, and place it on your Facebook banner. In this way, any person who will reach you by visiting your Facebook account, will get to know about the lead magnet you are offering.

6. Facebook Live

Facebook Live is another option that you can use to market your lead magnet. It is highly being used these days. It is popular because of its power and effectiveness that people get in different ways.

For this purpose, all you just have to sit down on a chair infront of a table and start talking about the lead magnet that you are offering to the person through Facebook live. In this way, your whole talk will go live from your Facebook account and they will listen to you at the same time you are in middle of your talk.

7. Post Facebook Updates

Another one of the most effective things that you can use for promoting your lead magnet is posting Facebook updates. This is another one of the most visiting social media platform these days. These are several people those have account on Facebook. In this case, utilize it as your one of the biggest sources to get interact with people. Simply post new updates about the lead magnet you are offering. Let people know the progress in it like how much people have availed this opportunity since now. In this case, people will get attracted and love to avail this chance too.

8. Use Instagram Stories

Another most important source to promote your lead magnet is Instagram stories. Similar to Twitter and Facebook, a great majority of general population also uses Instagram and follow different people. So, make sure to utilize this opportunity as much as you can. Similar to Facebook posts, create Instagram stories about your lead magnet progress. This thing will highly intrigue the Instagram public to avail the lead magnet offer from you.

Well, above has described top 8 ways by which you can promote your lead magnet on social media. All of these ways are quite effective and amazing. So, consider all of them and make sure use them collectively if you really want to promote your lead magnet better.

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