Social media has changed the way we live our lives. We use social media to stay connected with each other. We use social media for job searches, and we also use social media to promote our brand. There are many companies and brands that promote their work and products using social media platforms. According to research, more than 3 billion people are connected with social media directly or indirectly. Hence, promoting products in the market of more than 3 billion is a smart choice.

What is Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform. When you have an Instagram account, you can post your pictures, video, and also your daily stories like the one in snapchat. Instagram has become a social modeling industry. People use Instagram to promote their work as well as the work and products of their companies. Making an account on Instagram is very easy, and if you already have an account on Facebook, then you can create an Instagram account by just one click. Hence, create an account today and start promoting your products.

Difference between private and public Accounts on Instagram

When you create an Instagram account, you have two choices, either make it private or public. When you make your account private, all of your posts and activities will be visible to your followers only. People will not be able to follow you directly; instead, they will have to send a follow request to you. When you accept that request, only then they will be able to see your content. On the other hand, public accounts are simple and open. Everyone will be able to see your post even if he is not your follower. Everyone will be able to follow you, and they would not need to send any friend request.

 Why Brands are using private INSTA Accounts

It is common sense that when you are promoting your product, you will do it via the public account of insta. But that is not the case with many brands and insta accounts owners. So many brands are changing their accounts from public to private. Famous meme pages like couples note have switched their accounts to private. Even a brand called Everlane has created a private account. One of the insta account owners had said in an interview that when their account was public, they would attract 10,000 followers per week, and when they switched to the private account, now they get 100,000 followers every week. Hence, the reasons behind private accounts are:

1. It is a trend towards Privacy & Personalized Content

We have seen that facebook’s closed groups are getting more popularity then facebook’s pages. The same is the case with insta private accounts. By limiting your content for your followers only, you send a message to your followers that you care about them, and whatever you post on your page is just for them. In this way, followers will also feel an attraction to your page and will give more attention to a private account than a public account. That is why making private accounts has become a trend for brands.

2. It creates curiosity among Non-Followers

When you have a private account, then the non-followers will become curios. They will feel that there is something special in your account which you are hiding. In this way, so many non-followers will try to follow you, and most of them will send a follow request. In this way, you can get more followers than ever. This tactic becomes very handy when you are introducing a new product. Your followers will be able to watch the product first, and newcomers will have to follow you in order to see your new product.

3. Prevents Followers to Unfollow

This is different from public accounts. When you unfollow a public account, all it takes is just one-click, but that is not the case with a private account. When you try to unfollow a private account, Instagram will show you a pop-up warning to make sure if really want to unfollow this account. This tactic will make you think twice, and it is possible that you cancel the idea of unfollowing. This is the reason that private account’s followers are more loyal than public account’s followers.

4. It gives you more control

By general meaning, social media is a public platform where everyone can see everyone’s activity. By making your account private, you can stop that from happening. There are many followers who would hesitate to give honest reviews and feedbacks about the product in public platforms, but when your accounts are private, they will feel safe to give you honest reviews and feedbacks. You can also filter the type of followers you want. When a non-follower sends you a follow request, you can decide whether you want him/her to be your follower or not. In this way, you will have a specific type of following which will benefit your brand.

5. It might help you to get more followers

This immensely depends on your niche and content though. If you have a popular meme account, then make it private, and you will notice that your followers will increase drastically. This happens because meme posts are frequently shared between friends and families. When a follower of a meme page wants to share a post to a non-follower, non-follower will not be able to see the post until he follows the page. In this way, there will be a chain of followers on your page.


Making private insta accounts has become a trend for brands and many other popular accounts. But if you are making a new account for your brand, then it is recommended that make it public. Because private accounts are suitable for those brands which are already popular. When your account is private, nobody will care to watch it because they never heard your name before. First, make your brand famous then make it private.

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